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RJ provides comprehensive details on how thoughts cause us to either gravitate toward the  things we want or the things we don’t want. Most people have some knowledge of this subject,  but few know how to control their thoughts and purposefully program themselves to only think  in line with what they desire. Have you ever wanted to rid yourself of doubts and fears? Have 

you ever wanted to learn how to believe for the things you desire and actually see them happen?  Is that inner voice speaking things to you that might be causing a delay in the progression of  your life and business? This topic addresses all of these things and gives practical concepts that  can be added to your daily routine.  

What do I specialize in as a business development coach?

I specialize in working with aspiring and part time entrepreneurs, helping them develop the  right plan to successfully transition into full time entrepreneurship. I work with clients one-on one all over the world either in person or virtually. I help my clients step by step build profitable 

and sustainable businesses that they are passionate about. Listed below are just a few foundational things I help my clients with: 

●Develop the mindset of an entrepreneur (to be a successful entrepreneur, you must think like  one) 

●Discover your passion and the best type of business to start. (Many people start businesses for  the financial reward they believe the business will produce. They soon learn that they have no  real passion for the day to day act of what the business entails.) 

●Help you introduce the business to the marketplace the right way (help you discover your  target audience, core message, unique selling point, pricing and the right branding for your  product or service) 


These are just a few things I help clients with. Business development is not a one size fits all. It  is really important to have a coach that can help you strategize according to your vision and  current situation. 

What I absolutely don’t do

No gimmicks, fluff, hype, BS, or fake systems that promise you a laptop lifestyle by just  plugging in and following a few steps. In fact, anyone that tells you that you only have to follow a  few steps from their magic system and you will be rich is probably full of it. 

●No emotional marketing where I pose in front of expensive cars or show you pictures of me on  lavish vacations to draw you in. I really hate that emotional desperation marketing crap that  everyone seems to do. 


●No hiding behind a bunch of sales funnels and endless landing pages. I’m a real person and you  can personally talk to me if working with me is something you are interested in.


There is an art to creating the right circle, which is simply an environment designed to help you  make more of yourself. An art that is both intentional as well as strategic. This is a blueprint for  networking that works for the extroverted as well as introverted. How to Increase Your Net  Worth through effective networking provides insight into how meaningful relationships can be  built in a genuine and authentic way. In order to build your entrepreneurial brand and expand  your personal world, it is often determined by who you know and how well you know them.  

When you help people discover what makes them tick, the day’s tasks become purposeful and  the opportunity for profitable ventures becomes unlimited. This engaging delivery guides  audiences through the strategies that can be utilized to identify and optimize ones passion. RJ  goes beyond the surface to fully explain why passion is important and how you can take  something you love and turn it into a profitable and sustainable business.

The best way to avoid these business pitfalls would be, get help in the beginning and don’t go at  it alone. So many people believe in the “I can do it all” mentality. That simply means they take  the lone ranger all by myself approach to building a business. That strategy is typically very  lonely, frustrating, costly, and tends to have an entrepreneur going in circles making the same  mistakes over and over again.  


A business development coach is someone that will partner with you to help you establish and build your business. Everyone wants to be in business for themselves, but working with a coach  ensures that you are not by yourself. 

Happiness is the key to accomplishment!

Success in life and business truly comes from the inside out. The Art of Mastering You is a  philosophy that teaches the power of turning inward and not just building your life and business from an external perspective only. Oftentimes people want great principles that will produce  amazing results, not understanding that a principle is only as good as the person it comes into  contact with. You must learn to master yourself first in order to truly give birth to those  principles. RJ tailors this topic to fit specific audiences and truly teaches how to use and unlock  the many success principles that are available for life and business. 

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