Nothing will ever truly work FOR you until you start working ON you. The Art of Mastering You.

You Can't Practice at the Game_RJ Hodges
My motive for these pages is to get you to think outside of the box and consider all the different perspectives that are presented. The goal is to help you perfect your strategic mind.

A strategic thinker will take into consideration several different outcomes before a move is made. Just like a wise chess player carefully plotting where to move next, always keep the thought of winning the game in mind. Once your mind is able to break down life into the smallest details and visualize strategies for conquering situations, it all becomes less challenging. The objective here is not to lead you on the path in which I traveled nor carve out a path and persuade you to follow it. The purpose is to give guidelines, perspectives, and certain principles that will be effective as you carve out a path of your own.

Welcome to this journey of mental strategy and critical thought. This writing is devoted to your personal development, your intellect, and how both of those things working together will guide you to places beyond your greatest dreams.

Winning is all in how you play the game of the journey. I’m ready to share some strategy with you and look forward to hearing how it’s helped you.

Here’s to perfecting the winner in you.

RJ Hodges