earth-405096_1280Do you feel stuck sometimes and really don’t know where to turn or what to do next? It seems like no matter what you do, you continue to repeat the same cycle over and over. Break the cycle. RJHodges is an expert in breaking unproductive cycles to success.

Personal Mastery Coaching

Personal Mastery focuses on the intersection of personal and professional development in our life. With coaching you’ll gain a level of confidence from knowing that someone with an objective eye, knowledge and the experience to identify your blind spots is in your corner. Coaching helps you jump the hurdles, maneuver around the obstacles, and eliminate the hindrances that are keeping you from achieving your best.  Learn more.

Coaching for Authors

During the course of my journey to become a published author, I learned several priceless and valuable lessons. Becoming a bestselling co-author of the book, Mission Unstoppable, and authoring You Can’t Practice at the Game, has truly taught me that there is a process and a strategy attached to writing a book. Author coaching teaches all aspiring authors how to walk the process of writing and successfully publishing their own book, as well as how to strategize the steps that will best suite that author’s situation. Learn more.


RJ Hodges specializes in addressing topics related to overcoming personal and professional hindrances. For over 15 years, RJ has engaged audiences in insightful and inspiring presentations and discussions designed to empower people to discover the keys to unlock personal mastery in their lives. Learn more.


After years of coaching clients through personal mastery strategies, I noticed that some were in need of additional services to help them reach their goals. After careful consideration and research, I discovered a technique that has been proven to be beneficial. At times we all reach our capacity to receive. No matter what we read, the principles we know, or how hard we push we still feel stuck. Learn more.