Take a D.I.P. in the Winner’s Pool. Decide. Initiate. Practice.

Apr_vortex-146129_1280How does one stick to their decision of taking initiative and practicing before the game?

The belief that a quality decision made from your conscious mind is the open door into the reality that you desire is a very profound statement. That concept is rather logical, wouldn’t you agree? What is a decision? By definition, to decide means to settle conclusively all contention or uncertainty. To make up one’s mind. To get a better understanding, the root words are CISE and CIDE.

The Root CISE which means CUT and comes from the Latin caedere and caesus. The suffix CIDE which means to KILL is developed from the Latin word meaning CUT, and thus both forms are treated together. So when you look at the word de-cide, you must break that word down to get a full understanding of its meaning.

The prefix de- means away from or removal of. So when a person de-cides, understand its reference is to cut off any uncertainty or any other option that may go against that which you have chosen as the direction that will best assist you in reaching your destination. To break away from any and everything that goes against the choice you have made.

Remove things that don’t coincide with the decision. That is something that I believe with every fiber of my being. If you want something in life, decide that it is yours and completely disregard any other options that may say what you decided cannot be achieved. It’s necessary to make a decision and then have tunnel vision about making it happen even when outside circumstances seem to say it will never come to pass.