The Type of Actions That Help You Stay the Course


Every suggested idea produces a corresponding physical reaction. Every idea constantly repeated ends by being engraved upon the brain, provoking the act which corresponds to that idea.” ~ Scott Reed

One of the most important ingredients to taking initiative is the type of action that a person may take when attempting to reach a goal. The only actions that work are corresponding actions. To correspond means to be in agreement or to be similar; equivalent in function, position, or amount. In other words, those are the type of actions best suited for the decision that was made. The level of action must be in harmony with the exact objective of your plan at the time.

Corresponding actions can be classified as actions that are not overly extreme for your particular situation at the time, and actions that are not so insignificant that they produce no results. It is actions that will yield the best outcome for where you currently are mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, financially, etc. They are actions that will correlate to your goal perfectly. A corresponding action is like the right puzzle piece, perfectly fitting into your present state of being. There will be no need to force a proper corresponding action because it will fit all on its own. These are actions that will aid in accomplishing your ultimate goal, yet fit whatever immediate objective that is currently at hand.

Proper corresponding action is when things go according to plan because the organized activity to accomplish an objective was thoroughly thought out and executed for that particular step of the process. It is so tempting to try to execute an action that is not planned for your current step of the process. I say this all the time: don’t get ahead of yourself in the process. Be sure not to drift too far ahead of the course. If you are too far to the left or right with the action taken, then the results may not come out exactly as desired. Corresponding actions help you stay on course at the speed that’s right for you in the present moment.