How Winners Think

April2015Comedian and actor Milton Berle said it best: You can lead a man to Congress, but you can’t make him think.

I’m partially joking, but sometimes it does seem that way. There is a concept called thinking; some may even call it reasoning or carefully considering a thing prior to acting on it. This art of thinking reflects on a time when people would use their own God given intellect or innate intelligence to solve issues in their lives and create the outcome they desire. Some would even refer to this as critical thinking because it takes time, effort, energy, and patience to consider all of the variables involved, and determine what would be the correct path for the individual to take. Thinking is defined as using thought or rational judgment; intellect or intelligence. The process of using one’s mind to consider or reason about something, then determining from which angle to approach or apply that which has been discovered. Looking at all the details of a thing, taking into consideration the outcomes of the choices one may face, and determining which choice will present the best opportunity for the goal at hand. It involves seeing other perspectives in order to broaden one’s horizon so that your view is not limited to only one philosophy.

Does this sound like a hard and tedious process? Would you even consider doing it? Most will definitely say yes, but today the majority of us would rather just have someone tell us what to do. It is so much easier to just follow the path of what we see versus taking the time to create and cultivate our own path. We want someone to tell us exactly what to do so that we can easily get what we want. We have no time to explore our own intellect in order to figure out what the best solution is for our particular situation. It’s all about getting the magical steps to get you to the next level. By no means am I saying steps are not good, I love logical steps. However, if we aren’t careful, some steps will deceive us into thinking there is no real work involved. It puts us in the mind-set that we don’t have to think in order to tailor those steps to specifically fit our situation.