How to Calculate the Cost of Success

June2015Calculate the cost, simply means have an idea of how much your aspiration will cost beforehand. Nothing is free, and everything has some sort of price attached to it. The price may be a monetary price or it may be a different type of price altogether. Just make sure it is well understood that everything in life will cost you something. The something for nothing mentality must be done away with right now. The key is to know the cost in advance so that a proper decision can be made if whatever it is will be worth that much to you.

It’s so important to know where you draw the line and where your standards are. In the attempt to become professionally successful or reach the next level, some of us will neglect standards and end up paying prices that will ruin our lives later. Everything that comes to you in the form of an opportunity may look good, but calculate the cost first and decide if it is truly worth it.

What are you willing to give up in order to succeed? What will you have to give in to? What sort of personal or professional compromises will you have to make? All of these things are considered a cost. If paying a certain cost will mean only winning for the moment, then that situation may not be worth it. It’s almost like walking into a mall and seeing your favorite sneakers for sale. The sneakers cost $150.00 and you only have $200.00. Guess what? You have a huge decision to make. Are those sneakers really worth the price? Is spending more than half the money you have on sneakers really a beneficial decision to make at the time? Further, what about those opportunities where it’s obvious that you will have to do something slightly dishonest or possibly deceive people in order to succeed? Do you do it because it seems like it will benefit you? On the road to obtaining success and becoming great, there will be a lot of “opportunities” thrown your way. The strategic mind knows not to just jump on something that sounds good. Take time to think it through and weigh the pros and cons of what it may cost you. These are all things to consider before moving forward.