Becoming a Master of Productivity

July2015Ask yourself, am I just busy for no reason? Am I getting any results from what I am currently doing? It is easy to look like success; it’s another thing to actually obtain it. Is what you’re doing producing tangible results, or are you still stuck on the initial setup and calling it productivity? Perhaps you are stuck in the phase where you are doing too much at once and nothing is happening. A lot of times, we put five percent of our efforts into 100 different things at one time. Yes, you truly have a lot going on when operating like that but usually it doesn’t amount to much. Focusing and giving a one hundred percent effort to something specific while making sure you are doing what is necessary for real results is vital. We have to discontinue the mind-set of being a jack of all trades, yet a master of none.

Hopefully I hit a nerve because that was the goal – to jerk you out of the mundane and get you out on the field. Now, don’t allow this to make you feel bad if you are indeed stuck in this phase, because I was there at one point myself. Well to be honest, I was there more than one time. It took me awhile to truly learn and master the difference between what is and what is not productive. Again please understand this in its proper context because there is nothing wrong with being prepared, but at some point you have to actually do what you have been preparing for.