Consistently Choose Consistency

Sept2015Doing something one time may get you some results. Doing something twice may get you better results. But doing something consistently will get you GREAT results.

This is a trait that is often hard to come by because it will require a routine. Consistency is the adherence to the same or similar course of action on a daily basis. Doing something long after the mood in which you decided to do it in is gone. Now let’s be honest, we don’t always feel like doing what needs to be done every single day. In fact, there are days where we put things off until the next day or even the day after that. If you won’t admit that, I will because there are days when I just want to relax and do absolutely nothing. Do you ever have those I want to be a couch potato days? I know I do quite often. To put this in proper perspective, I’m not against rest. Rest is an essential thing that we all need to make sure we are rejuvenated and functioning properly.

Having balance in your life will give you longevity. I have learned over the years that it is healthy to take vacations, break away at times, and come back with a fresh attitude toward whatever it is you are engaged in. However, some of us are always on break, always finding a way to rest and not consistently do what needs to be done. I asked a friend that was complaining about being tired from just a short walk if he works out often. With a confident reply, he said to me, “Yes I work out and this walk shouldn’t tire me out, maybe I’ve just had a long day.” Then I asked when was the last time he actually went to the gym. “I just went to the gym a couple of weeks ago,” he replied. So my next comment was, “Okay, so you work out maybe once or twice every couple of weeks or so?” As he shook his head confirming that, still not really being able to identify the problem with his answer, I knew why he was about to pass out from walking just a couple of blocks. His lack of working out on a consistent basis was starting to tell on him.

How many people know that minimal results will come from doing something one time every now and then? This is a great example of never quite breaking through to get to the level desired simply because we stop just before the real results come. How close have you been to the level you have been working on when all of a sudden you get tired and take your foot off the accelerator? What if you had just pressed on a little longer, then what? Most people have mastered working really hard, but only in spurts for very short periods of time. The winner’s way is changing your mind-set to work consistently, producing steady results all the time.