How To Ride The Emotional Rollercoaster To Success

Oct2015The answer to riding this rollercoaster is learning how to balance your emotions and stay on an even keel no matter what is taking place. The mind-set to have in order to keep your emotions balanced is that no matter what is going on, this is just another moment that will pass. Even if it is the greatest moment ever getting excited is fine, celebrating is great, but don’t allow that level of emotion to hinder what needs to be done next. The point is, please be aware of your emotions and govern them so they don’t control your decision making. Allow yourself time to think and analyze your next move to decide if it is based on logic and what will promote you forward, or is it based on how you feel at that moment.

The reason how you feel at that moment is dangerous is because feelings change from moment to moment, but a decision made in that instant could last a lifetime. Be aware so that an extremely negative moment or even an extremely happy moment doesn’t push you into a space where you lack consistency. The level of consistency will never be where it needs to be for success if all your decisions are based on the emotions you are feeling at the time. So pay attention because each time you make a decision the question should be: am I making the best decision that will promote progress and consistency? Literally create a habit of asking yourself this question all the time.