Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

Nov2015What do you give most of your attention to? Is your attention geared toward the problem or the solution to that problem? Is the majority of your attention focused on what you want, or what you don’t want? Do you spend more time focused on what is currently there or what you plan to have soon? What is consuming you? How consumed are you by your goal or the success you want? Is it in your conversation? Do you post pictures or things to remind you of it constantly? Are you waiting for it to just happen, or are you a fanatic about making it happen?

When a person truly becomes passionate, they begin to prepare for that success right now. If you are passionate and extremely devoted to your dreams, you begin to live life as if that in which you desire has already manifested. Your level of confidence, attitude, and posture will all change at that moment.

Here is the question to ask yourself daily: Did anything I do today push me closer toward my goal? Did my thoughts today reflect more on what I want, or more on what I don’t want? This is where honesty really comes into play, because lying to yourself is a definite tragedy. If you can answer that question with an honest “no”, then it is time to change some things.