Time Is Always Of The Essence.

Dec2015How do you start your day? How do you set your mind and attitude to achieve for that day? How do you fight procrastination and the temptation to just wait and put things off until another time?

Time is always of the essence. Time is the one thing that no one has figured out how to get more of in a single day. No matter who you are or how special you might be, we all get the same twenty-four hours in a day. Now in theory, that sounds like a lot of time, right? It would seem like one could do everything they wanted to within a twenty-four hour time frame, so why is time always an issue? Why is time the thing most people complain about? Let’s take a moment to carefully examine these twenty-four hours a little bit further. I want to first subtract some of that time for things we all must do. These are the mandatory things in life that will typically subtract productivity time from your day.

The number one thing is sleep; the body must rest at some point. No matter who you are and how hard you push yourself, at some point the body will sleep with or without your permission. Let’s just say you are not average and only need about seven hours of sleep, then those twenty-four hours are now down to seventeen hours. Time is already starting to dwindle.

Another mandatory thing that can take up time in the day is nourishing the body. I will push the envelope here and say most of you eat three times a day, and I know some of you may not but let’s just say that is average. Now, some of you may have found a way to eat quickly and still be productive at the same time. I applaud your effort on that because sometimes it is a must. However, for the sake of people that don’t prefer to eat quickly, I will say an additional three hours minimum is spent eating. Well you are now down to fourteen hours left in your day. If by any chance you are an individual that works a traditional nine-to-five job to make a living, then a whole lot of the rest of the day will be taken up also. Just for the sake of example let’s also subtract an eight hour workday from the fourteen hours that are left. By doing that a person is only left with about six hours in a day. Now assuming you don’t squander that time watching television, texting a friend, or updating your social media pages, six hours is not bad and it’s enough time to be productive. However, isn’t it easy for those final six hours to just pass by without you even knowing where the time went?

Oh and I forgot to mention people that have kids and other mandatory responsibilities, that alone may take up the rest of the day. I said all of that to say, no one has any time to wait or to waste for that matter. Time is such a valuable resource because it is simply irreplaceable. Once a moment passes, it’s gone and there is no way to ever get that same moment back. Some people have even debated with me, declaring, “Well, if a person doesn’t get whatever they need done in these twenty-four hours then they have another twenty-four hours to work with the next day.” Do they really? Are you sure about that? The fact of the matter is, when you close your eyes at night there is no guarantee that you will wake up tomorrow to experience another twenty-four. This literally means, every time we wait to do something we want to do, something we have planned to do, or just something we enjoy doing, we risk not having another opportunity to make it happen. The artist Pablo Picasso put it this way, “Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.”