Winners Are Never Ordinary

March2016There is something very distinct about you. The way you think, the way you perceive things, and even the way you express your beliefs. There is something about you that doesn’t seem quite normal, and I use that word in the sense of not being just like everyone else. Even though there were times that you played the role and did the best acting job possible to fit in, that never quite worked. Overall, your thought process just didn’t fully correspond with everyone else. In other words for some reason you have always had thoughts and ideas that were considered outside the box. All your life you have seen things in a bigger way or in a different way from most people you talk to. Maybe you have never truly been able to explain what that X factor is. The smallest thing to someone else will be something grand to you, and vice versa. Someone else may want to play for the team, but your thought might have been how can I own the team?

As a kid all your friends wanted to go to the corner store to buy candy, but you were the one that decided to buy it in bulk at a lower price and sell it to them for a profit. What is that about? Why did you go left when typically you were supposed to go right? For some reason when it was time to zig, you zagged. No matter what situation occurs in life, even the worst case scenario, to you there is always a way out. That way out may seem like a long journey but there is no such thing as defeat in your mind; it must work out.

That doesn’t mean you don’t get frustrated or have challenging moments, but somehow you always bounce back. No matter how low you have been, for some reason you still had an element of hope. The level of optimism that you possess is beyond what most can fathom to the degree that others may think you are strange. Trust me, I understand completely. I live in a world where my level of optimism has made me an outcast at times. For example, have you ever said something to a group of people and everyone looked at you funny? They looked at you that way because whatever you said was so far outside of their realm of thinking that they couldn’t comprehend the point that was being made.

Now, you may not classify yourself as a rebel but then again some of you may identify with that, too. Maybe your distinct attributes have placed you in the category of being a bit eccentric.

In any regard, following all the rules to the letter serves you in no way, shape, or form. I’m not talking about breaking laws or disrupting the flow of society. Then again if you are the type of person I think you are, you understood that anyway. What am I talking about? It’s the way you think and believe in life that makes you peculiar. It’s your creativity, or maybe even the willingness to attempt the impossible. It’s the way you express yourself or how you view situations with a perspective that typically no one else would see as you do. It’s your atypical nature that tends to set you apart from the crowd. The way you analyze something and see the intricate details that others are not able to see or just don’t pay attention to. All your friends wanted to get good jobs and retire after forty years, but your mind always wanted to make millions by the time you were thirty, or retire at forty-five rather than sixty-seven.

There is nothing wrong with you just in case you are wondering. There is also nothing wrong with the person that plays for the team or the person that owns it. There is nothing wrong with the person that walks the straight path just like the rest of society. If that is their preference and accepted by them, then it’s perfectly fine. Most of the time that person has just suppressed their X factor in order to fit in to such a degree that they can’t recognize it anymore. However, for you suppressing that X factor was never an option.

I’m here to let you know that those distinctions about you are just signs of the winner status in you fighting to get out of you. Those things that other people may not understand about you will serve as the thing that sets you apart and makes you great. The truth is that we all have thought outside of the ordinary before, but some of us restrain ourselves because we feel playing it safe and coloring inside the lines is what we are supposed to do. Are you suppressing the unique attributes that make you who you are? What outside of the ordinary trait do you typically dismiss because you don’t want to seem weird? What gift do you have that is unlike anyone else that you need to share with the world?

Winners are never ordinary, which simply means that no two people will walk the exact same path. When you find yourself trying to mold your path exactly like the next person knowing that it does not feel right to you, then something is probably wrong. When you are merely copying someone else, that is making yourself ordinary and dismissing the difference that will make you great. Embrace all the things about you that are different than the next person. In order to become extraordinary, it will require going outside of the ordinary and dancing to music some may not even hear playing. Winners aren’t ordinary; they do what others won’t do to get to places others won’t get to.