Take Your Limits Off

Feb2016As human beings, we all desire to be happy and live a life that is rewarding in every possible way. Whether we consciously admit that or not, it is an unconscious desire that we all have. Along the journey we pick up certain things that are either helpful or very detrimental to the type of fulfillment we end up receiving in life. The various roadblocks, trials, tribulations, teachings, and certain experiences all play a role in how things turn out. Often, the more things we go through will cause us to stop pushing quite as hard for the true fulfillment we seek. There are situations in life that can abuse you so bad that fulfillment becomes something you only daydream about, and mere peace is what we settle for. There is nothing wrong with peace, please let me clarify that. However, it is possible to have peace without being truly fulfilled.

Even though peace is good, it’s our choice to either stay there or move beyond that point to fulfillment. Either you accept peace as the best life has to offer, or decide to push yourself into a realm of endless possibilities. Sometimes we reach a level of peace and even though things may be better than they were in the past, we settle and believe that is as good as it gets.

Why do we put limits on our level of fulfillment? At what point did we start to believe and adopt the limitations that outside influences may have set? Limitations only exist within your mental scope of what you can fathom. Once you take those limitations off, fulfillment will not only be possible but it will seem like the norm for your life.