RJ’s first taste of leadership came early, as he quickly learned that the standard business model will only take you so far if your internal infrastructure (i.e, the right vision, culture, and environment) is not strategically set and in place.


While starting his first business at the age of eighteen in the direct sales industry and later working at one of the top law firms in the country, RJ learned the ins and outs of running a successful business and the intangibles of what makes the corporate world thrive.  These roles not only prepared him to be an ideal speaker and coach to entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations, but also fed RJ’s own entrepreneurial spirit.


RJ left corporate America to co-found BORN II WIN, an inspiration speaking/coaching company that educates audiences on personal development topics such as leadership, discovering your passion and business growth. The BORN II WIN model also made a profound impact on the personal development of AMerican youth and young adults.  The company eventually branched out to focus on empowering young people in the United Kingdom as well.


BORN II WIN’s success encouraged RJ to discover new outlets to communicate his philosophy.  He went on to write a series of self-help books, beginning with The Art of Mastering You, Volume One.  This led to a collaboration as co-author with world-renowned leader George Fraser and Les Brown on Mission Unstoppable, additionally adding an audio book series to the collection entitled Winner Status.  The success of his first book inspired RJ to formulate a coaching system and philosophy also known as The Art of Mastering You.  As a change of pace outside of his empowerment work, RJ recently co-authored his first fiction novel.


A six year stint teaching and doing one-on-one personal development coaching sessions at a wellness center gave RJ a platform to help patients create strategies designed to elevate their spirit, mind and body.  As a certified practitioner in the healing art of Reiki, RJ also taught his patients how to relieve stress and promote relaxation.