Author Coaching

coach-407290_1280During the course of my journey to become a published author, I learned several priceless and valuable lessons. Becoming a bestselling co-author of the book, Mission Unstoppable, and authoring You Can’t Practice at the Game, has truly taught me that there is a process and a strategy attached to writing a book. Author coaching teaches all aspiring authors how to walk the process of writing and successfully publishing their own book, as well as how to strategize the steps that will best suite that author’s situation. Coaching is designed to help you properly organize your thoughts in order to take the message inside of you, turn it into a book, and offer it to the world. Have you ever said, “I’m going to write a book” and then nothing happened? That is simply because you have no idea where to start. A coach, guided direction, and real accountability will solve that issue.

However, author coaching would not be complete if we stopped there. It is also designed to teach you the dos and don’ts of the publishing process. Publishing, especially self-publishing, can be extremely deceiving and there are several aspects that as an aspiring author, you need to avoid. Learn firsthand from my mistakes and ultimately save yourself time, energy, effort, and a whole lot of money! Learn from someone that once sat exactly where you may be right now with just an idea and a dream. Looking back, having an author coach would have provided better direction as I walked through the fire of not knowing in order to see my dream realized. While you will have your own journey and your own story, allow me the privilege to help you not make the same mistakes I made and steer you in a direction that will produce the goal you desire. At the stroke of the last sentence and the end of the dedicated hard work, you will hold in your hand your finished book. It will all be worth it because in that moment you will know that your message will forever be etched in stone for eternity. Even after you have transitioned beyond your life’s existence, that book, those words, that message will live and speak of your legacy FOREVER.

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