Personal Mastery Coaching

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Personal Mastery focuses on the intersection of personal and professional development in our life.

With coaching you’ll gain a level of confidence from knowing that someone with an objective eye, knowledge and the experience to identify your blind spots is in your corner. Coaching helps you jump the hurdles, maneuver around the obstacles, and eliminate the hindrances that are keeping you from achieving your best. The path to personal mastery in your life is to know how to leverage the personal and professional areas of your life in ways that optimize both. It sounds simple, but oftentimes presents a major challenge.

Have you ever wanted to talk through personal situations, major life transitions, professional decisions, or the daily life stressors with someone in a private and confidential setting? Working with me promises you non-biased advice coupled with a plan of action designed specifically for you. Another priceless benefit to coaching is having someone to hold you accountable to the plan of action you have committed to. Every person that has reached real success on any level in virtually every facet has referred to at one point in time how their “coach” has helped them. Yes, they may have referred to this coach as a guide, mentor, or even an advisor but the fact remains that we all need a helping hand on the journey to discover, unlock, and reach our full potential. I’m more than just a coach; I’m a partner in your life success. I am an invested party who wants to ensure that you gain proper perspective, a productive way of thinking, and the correct strategy to take you from where you are to exactly where you desire to be.

Some specific areas of focus:

▪ Eliminating the hindrance of fear (Fear of success and fear of failure)

▪ Increasing confidence and self esteem

▪ Balancing your personal and professional life

▪ Proper order and organization

▪ Busy vs. Productive

▪ Discovering purpose / Profiting from your passion

▪ Getting rid of anger and emotional mood swings

▪ Empowering the body and mind for maximum energy and health

▪ Power of thoughts and words

▪ Career change and transition

▪ Aspiring and new entrepreneurs


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T. Lennon

“Life coaching with RJ has been life changing! RJ has taught me to look within myself for answers to questions in my life.  Through the coaching sessions, I have learned the importance of daily quiet time and meditation.  I have also learned to filter the kind of information I allow to enter my mind and psyche.  During coaching sessions, RJ uses real life examples to illustrate positive perspectives to life’s situations and issues.  I didn’t know what to expect during my first coaching session with RJ, but now I actually look forward to RJ’s coaching sessions.  These sessions have helped me develop as an individual, which has spilled over and helped me create success as a small business owner.”