V__67C1(1)RJ Hodges specializes in addressing topics related to overcoming personal and professional hindrances. For over 15 years, RJ has engaged audiences in insightful and inspiring presentations and discussions designed to empower people to discover the keys to unlock personal mastery in their lives.

Some of the topics that RJ Hodges covers:

The Art of Mastering You

Personal mastery is an inside out job. It requires the courage and desire to face the characteristics and habits that, if fine-tuned, could deliver greater value to a person’s life goals and dreams. This topic is customized to address the fundamentals of personal discovery and calibration that can open the doors of the mind to all that’s desired individually, as well as, to reach organizational goals.

How to Increase Your Net Worth — Effective Networking

There is an art to creating the right circle. An art that is both strategic as well as serendipitous. A blueprint that works for the extroverted as well as introverted, How to Increase Your Net Worth through effective networking provides insight into how meaningful relationships can be built in a genuine and authentic way to build your professional brand and expand your personal world.

How to Profit from Your Passion

Tapping into passion benefits organizations and individuals. When you help people discover what makes them tick, the day’s tasks become purposeful and the opportunity for profitable ventures becomes unlimited. This engaging delivery guides audiences through the strategies that can be utilized to identify and optimize passion points that will deliver profits to existing, emerging business owners or key contributors to a business.

The Mental Capacity to WIN – Unlock your Winner Status

To create and receive anything you want you need the keys to access your full mental capacity. We all have the ability to win and accomplishing a win starts by understanding how to use your minds innate equipment. The right habits, the right attitude, the right behaviors combined help lead you into your rightful place in the winner’s circle.

Overcoming Hindrances

Hindrances in the form of fear, negative thoughts and excuses can debilitate and destruct desires to reach goals. Designed to educate audiences on the sources of personal challenges, Overcoming Hindrances, reveals the formula for transforming unproductive reactions into powerful behaviors for progress.

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